Relationship Therapy, Alternative Relationships

Couples Counselling

David Moulton Toronto Psychotherapist | Picture of Tree with Yellow and Green Leaves

If you are having communication problems with your partner(s), or difficulty navigating your intimate relationship(s), or feel like a relationship is in trouble, I can meet with two of you together to teach you how to effectively communicate your concerns without blame, negotiate and find shared ground, and re-discover positive aspects of each other that can strengthen and re-vitalize your relationship.

Poly Counselling

If you are polyamorous (have more than one relationship), I have experience working in this area and can help you navigate your concerns as they interact with other challenges you’re facing. Relationships and families come in many forms, and I welcome and celebrate the diversity of relationships that my clients bring to our work!

I will help you explore your concerns in a confidential, safe and affirming environment where we take into account all aspects of your life, including friendships, family, culture and spirituality.

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