Relationship Therapy, Alternative Relationships

Couples Therapy

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If you are having communication problems with your partner(s), or difficulty navigating your intimate relationship(s), or feel like a relationship is in trouble, I can meet with two of you together to teach you how to effectively communicate your concerns without blame, negotiate and find shared ground, and re-discover positive aspects of each other that can strengthen and re-vitalize your relationship(s).

Consensual Non-Monogamy Therapy

I have extensive experience helping clients navigate consensual non-monogamy: you may self-identify as poly, or find yourself in a poly constellation you didn’t expect, or feel challenged by issues of consent or pressure to conform in the poly community, or you may be curious and want to learn more about poly and if it feels right for you. Or you may be in an open relationship and struggling with your partner or spouse to navigate new territory, or needing to re-negotiate boundaries and guidelines so that both of you are able to give full consent. Or you may be in a thruple and enjoy the experience but wonder how to sustain it when there is no unwritten book to follow, and when heteronormative society doesn’t make room for your relationship.

Clients approach this work with many concerns, including time constraints and logistics, discomfort with looking through a lens of hierarchy, ensuring full informed consent rather than assuming it or obtaining it through pressure, not feeling that their needs are being met, how to explain their relationships to their children and extended families, and how to break up with one partner within a larger constellation. In addition, clients in open relationships may feel that they need to consent to open or poly relationships in order to continue and sustain their long-term relationship. I will bring an eclectic array of approaches to our work, including assertiveness training so that you have a voice and feel acknowledged, exploration of types of consent, and above all creative practical guidance so that you can take what you learn in our work and use it to strengthen and enjoy your relationships. Throughout our work I will remain respectful of your self-identification, desires and choices.

Constellations and families come in many forms, and I welcome and celebrate the diversity of relationships that my clients bring to our work!

I will help you explore your concerns in a confidential, safe and affirming environment where we take into account all aspects of your life, including friendships, family, culture and spirituality.

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