Who I See

David Moulton Toronto Psychotherapist | Picture of Tree Branch with Yellow LeavesI work with adults who are feeling stressed and anxious: they may worry or panic or feel shy in social situations, they may try to be perfect, or they may feel badly about themselves, or wish that they could express themselves more effectively, or wish to set clearer boundaries with others, or to be more assertive. I will help you explore your concerns in a confidential, safe and affirming environment where we take into account all aspects of your life, including friendships, family, culture and spirituality.

I also work with people who are experiencing loneliness or challenges in their relationships, issues with sexuality, sexual orientation, gender and alternative sexualities

Many people experience these challenges, but some may have difficulty dealing with other aspects of their lives while trying to sort out their concerns, and some may lose a sense of balance in their lives or the ability to enjoy life and relationships. Together we can look for strengths and solutions to help you feel less stressed and regain your sense of balance.

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