Online Video Therapy

I offer online video sessions for clients living in Ontario, and other areas in Canada where Psychotherapy is not regulated (in which case I follow the practice standards of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario); video sessions are considered by insurance providers to be equivalent to in-person sessions and are often covered by many extended health benefit plans.

Online Video Therapy in Guelph and Toronto

I use a fully-encrypted online video platform hosted entirely on Canadian web servers, and I will send you clear, easy-to-follow instructions so that meeting with me online is simple and low-stress. If we lose our connection during a session, we will use our phones to continue the work, and in my experience this is usually seamless and clients find that our therapeutic connection remains, and they continue to find the work safe and helpful. In all my online psychotherapy work, I present professionally at my desk in my office, simulating the experience of in-person work.

In online psychotherapy, I’ve found that clients are able to work with the same concerns that we address in in-person sessions, although complex trauma work is not recommended in video sessions, as psychotherapists may not be able to help clients co-regulate, to help them ground and to maintain safety. In my experience, the stronger the therapeutic bond and trust between client and therapist is, the deeper we can safety go in our work.

Online psychotherapy can have many benefits, including larger considerations such as having more choice of therapists outside of your geographical area, not running into your therapist at the coffee shop in your small town, and connecting with therapists who work in specialty areas such as consensual non-monogamy, kink, and gender concerns; smaller considerations might be not having to take time off of work to travel to my office, and not having to pay for parking. Perhaps most importantly for many clients, when we work online I meet with you in the environment of your choice, perhaps your home, your office, or your car (for privacy), and pets are always welcome in our sessions – these factors can increase your comfort level and sense of safety when meeting with me.