Alternative Sexualities

David Moulton Toronto Psychotherapist | Picture of Bush with Red Leaves
Many of my clients enjoy and/or self-identify with kink and fetish, and some may be part of the kink and fetish community, exploring aspects such as power play, role play and age play, pain and/or pleasure, other aspects of BDSM, voyeurism, furry fandom, and a host of other activities, while some of my clients are curious or just beginning to explore kink and fetish and to find their own self-identification. I am a kink-aware therapist with extensive knowledge in this area and experience working with clients in the kink and fetish community, and I can help you navigate both the enjoyable and sometimes complicated nature of being part of this community, while exploring how these aspects of your experience intersect with other challenges you may be facing.

Clients bring many concerns to this work, including negotiating consent and contracts, wanting to explore kink when partners and spouses may not desire it, pressure and politics in the community, shifting dynamics in play and relationships, bleed-through of dynamics from kink to other aspects of their lives, and intersections with monogamy or consensual non-monogamy. I will bring an eclectic array of approaches to our work, including assertiveness training so that you have a voice and feel acknowledged (even in dynamic), exploration of types of consent and your comfort level with them, boundary-setting and negotiation, exploration of alternatives so that you might explore and enjoy kink even if your partner or spouse does not, and above all creative practical guidance so that you can take what you learn in our work and use it to navigate and enjoy your kinks and the community. Throughout our work I will remain respectful of your self-identification, desires and choices.

I will help you explore your concerns in a confidential, safe and affirming environment where we take into account all aspects of your life, including friendships, family, culture and spirituality.

It may be helpful to note that I am not a member of the kink communities in the geographic areas in which I work, so you won’t have to worry about meeting me at a munch or play party!

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